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Claims of damage to property by trees has led to an increasing number of legal disputes and insurance claims in recent years. With this in mind we have formed a partnership with a leading consultant in the field who is able to ascertain whether a given tree is likely to be responsible for problems such as subsidence.


Services that the specialist can provide include: Tree Inspections, Tree Surveys, Subsidence Reports, Mortgage Reports and Construction Site Surveys (BS5837: Trees in relation to construction).

Tree consultancy services:

Professional tree consultancy in London

Consultancy & Tree Surveys

• Legal disputes and insurance claims

• Mortgage reports

• Subsidence reports

• Constructions site surveys

(BS5837: Trees in  relation to construction)

Let us know if you're facing problems with a tree at your property and we shall provide you with an affordable solution. Call us on:


020 8696 0888

tree consultancy services available