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Many of the climbing species people grow up the front of their properties are extremely fast growing and soon get out of control unless pruned regularly. Our teams have expertise in dealing with them all.

If you fear Ivy is causing damage to the brickwork of your property, we offer a complete Ivy removal service. Alternatively we can trim and contain Ivy that is not causing harm, whether it be growing on your house or along the garden fence.

Caring for your vines and climbing plants

These popular climbers should ideally be spur-pruned* twice annually; once in mid-Winter [*back to 2-3 buds] and again in early Summer, after first flowering to encourage a second flush [*back to 4-5 buds]. If you would rather budget for one annual visit, you can opt for the most important mid-Winter prune.


We also offer a complete overhaul of neglected Wisterias. This includes thinning-out of excess growth and, if necessary, the installation of vine-eyes and a comprehensive wire-support framework; Wisterias that are supported by drainage pipes, phone wires or TV aerials can cause significant problems in the long-term.

Vines & Climbers



Let us help you maintain your climbing plants or remove the Ivy at your property.


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wisteria over a door